Pink Living Room Blue Painted Beams

Pink Living Room Blue Painted Beams

In the tranqil Brazilian town of Trancoso, designer Wilbert Das
works hand in hand with local artisans on the continuing evolution
of the decoration of the UXUA Hotel and its villas.

This sitting area is in Casa das Artes, a house near to the
hotel designed by Wilbert, that is used for visiting artists and
rented out to guests. With a casual yet sophisticated aesthetic,
the rooms are decorated using reclaimed and recycled materials for
sustainability, but also to add texture, history and character. ‘We
had always dreamed of having a place with the luxury of a hotel and
the comfort and decoration of a home,’ says Wilbert. ‘I want to
feel that someone has put their love into a place. There needs to
be real passion and character behind it.’

Having collaborated with local artisans on several projects,
Wilbert has just developed a UXUA Casa collection of textiles,
furniture and ceramics available to guests and online . The chair
is part of the UXUA Casa collection. A weaver works within the
grounds of the hotel itself, while Wilbert also collaborates with —
among others — a ceramicist in the town and an artist from the
local Pataxó tribe. 

Colour is a vital ingredient in this space — pink walls are set
off by woodwork in graphic Memphis-style monochome and


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