Modern Kitchen Open Shelves

Modern Kitchen Open Shelves

The English owners of this picture perfect beach house on Cap
Ferret, near Bordeaux enlisted the combined efforts of local
builder Guy Allamand and London architect Jonathan
Tuckey. ‘The owners gave us a very clear idea of how their
holidays worked and we knew there needed to be space for mountains
of seafood to arrive, and for everyone to join in preparing it,’
says Jonathan.

In honour of this the long kitchen island is more seafood bar
than kitchen work surface, enabling everyone to gather round. The
original intention was that the island would be zinc, but it proved
difficult to have made, so stainless steel was used instead.
Handmade by Devon based furniture maker James
Verner, it was designed to be robust and forgiving of holiday
life and sandy feet, with open shelving on the walls on which to
display pieces found on their travels.

‘Hinges are exposed and the drawers are oak boxes in oak frame,’
Jonathan points out. It needed to age well, hence the rough
bandsawn finish of both the kitchen units and the floor. John
Knuckey of Knuckey Furniture created a white-stained
sandblasted-ash table for everyone to pile around at dinner, lit by
pendant lights.

In the pantry, which opens off the kitchen, there are special
sloping shelves designed to hold crates of fresh peaches from the
market, and boxes lined with linen that can store up to 10 loaves
of bread. In the foreground of the picture, a sofa has been
suspended from the ceiling of the living room using thick chandlers
rope — half daybed, half hammock.


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